What Are Tongue Vibrators and Why You Should Own One

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Every straight woman was, one time or another, in the same position. They met a great guy who was respectful, had a great sense of humor, and didn’t talk about sports that much. He’d always call and make the girl feel loved and self-confident. However (you’ve been waiting for this word), there’s just one thing that’s getting in the way. As Lily Allen put it, women look him in the eyes, “I want to get to know ya.” But then he makes this noise, and it’s apparent it’s all over…

More likely than not, you too feel hard done by, just like Lily, because you have spent ages giving head, and all he does is take. Women love oral sex, and by this, we mean the oral sex when they’re on the receiving end.

Despite popular belief (read: men’s opinions of themselves), most women can’t reach on orgasm by penetration only. In that case, is there anything better than oral sex to get you going and reach the destination? Well, now there is, and that’s what we’ll talk about in this article — tongue vibrators for oral sex!

Female Erogenous Zones and Licking

On average, men last no more than four minutes from the moment penetration starts until they ejaculate. Unlike them, women approximately take ten or 11 minutes of penetration before they start screaming sweet hallelujahs. There’s an obvious mathematical disadvantage here, and it’s disadvantageous towards women. Unlike women, men can’t orgasm and keep going for minutes. So once the man starts grunting, the lady starts groaning.

This is perhaps why women generally tend to be more insistent on foreplay than guys are. When you’re a guy, there’s nothing that special in the activity of licking a girl’s neck, except for the obvious fact that she’s enjoying it. Women need this alternative source of pleasure, to put it this way, to enjoy the intercourse as much as men.

By definition, an erogenous zone is any part of a body that has heightened sensitivity and will have a sexual response when stimulated. When you stimulate these zones with a tongue, they will be extra responsive. Obviously, not all zones respond equally to the licking sensations, but the primary ones find great pleasure in it.

Different Bodies, Different Zones

On a woman’s body, there are six primary erogenous zones that are common for most girls. These include the neck, nipples, clitoris, the G-spot, anus, and the A-spot. What’s the A-spot, we hear you ask. Basically, it’s like G-spot’s estranged brother that nobody cares about. It’s a sensitive tissue that lies between the bladder and the cervix inside the vaginal tube. It’s a highly-sensitive spot, albeit don’t hold your breath waiting for a tongue to reach it.

Other, secondary zones change from person to person. For example, some women love when you lick their feet; others find it ticklish and weird. The most common secondary zones include fingertips, inner wrists, armpits, knees, and lower back. Men, if you’ve never licked your girl’s armpits or knees, there’s a high chance it’s because she doesn’t know how to bring it up!

What Are Tongue Vibrators?

Now, as we’ve already said, women often don’t enjoy sole penetration as much as men do. They simply can’t due to the fact that they need some extra fun in order to reach an orgasm. That’s why they love a bit of tongue action beforehand. When you think about it, the tongue is warm, wet, and usually very mobile. It can change speeds quickly, experiment with different patterns, and stimulate more zones than the penis itself. However, the downside is — it does get tired relatively quickly.

Another problem with a tongue is that it’s not a person on its own. It usually needs a man attached to it, and by usually, we mean always. There might not always be someone around to provide tonguing services. However, even if that’s the case, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy oral sex.

Now, ladies, there’s a way to get yourself licked even when there’s no man around or when he’s too tired. Tongue vibrators are a sex toy specifically designed to satisfy your oral sex needs. There are two types of these toys — regular vibrators and tongue ring vibrators. The latter works basically the same as a cock ring, except the guy puts it around his tongue. With it, he’ll be able to increase the stimulation he provides and make it an all-round better experience.

Tongue Dildos

Alternatively, you have tongue vibrators, which are basically regular vibrators. However, instead of having a fake penis attached to the top of it, there’s a fake tongue. Until relatively recently, tongue vibrators were novelty items that couldn’t really mimic the movement, wetness, and warmth of a real tongue. However, nowadays, you can get yourself a vibrator that can outperform a real mouth. Depending on your budget, you can get a vibrator that can switch between more than ten speeds and functions. You can choose vibration and motion patterns, including whether you want a flickering or precision tip stimulation! I know you are all excited, but take a moment to admire these tongue vibrators from https://lovegasm.co/collections/tongue-vibrator.

Now, let’s go back to business.

How to Enjoy Tongue Vibrators

As we’ve mentioned before, tongues are more versatile than penises themselves when it comes to stimulating different erogenous zones. The same goes for the world of vibrators — a dildo can get you off in only so many ways, while a vibrating silicone tongue can do much more.

With a tongue vibrator, you don’t have to limit yourself just to rubbing your clitoris and vulva. Why not get yourself excited all over the body? Think of this vibrator as your own personal tongue that’s at your service whenever you need it, no questions asked. So if it’s too weird for you to bring up that you’d want the sweaty back of your knee licked, this toy will do the trick. You can use it to massage (and stimulate) yourself all over. Start at the nape of your neck, go over your breasts and stomach until you reach the clitoris. Why stop there? Why not give your feet or butt some fun?

Basically, with a tongue vibrator, you can have as much fun as you’re willing to have. You can even use it when the guy’s around. This way, he can lick you down south, while the toy is having a go at your nipples. Have fun!