Our Team

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Carlos James
Office Assistant

Carlos knows everything and everyone. It’s part of his job, but also part of what makes him an interesting person. He is called the “Secret CEO” as he probably already knows how to run the entire company because of his exposure being an office assistant. If there is one person who can give you the best advice for surviving the jungle in the office, then you have to watch out for Carlos’ articles.

Donna Paula
IT Expert

You don’t want to mess with this gal. She knows all your shit. She also knows how to keep your closet clean to survive the office war. Yes, that’s how effective she is that we have less information about her for this section.

Jared Singh

Seriously. We got a CEO in the house. Jared shares some gold in making it through the corporate world. With his charming eyes and glorious title, he knows that office romance is attached to it. Jared shares some tips to make or break that office romance of yours.

Robin Bach
HR Generalist

Robin is your guy when it comes to everything HR. He knows the ins and outs of every employee handbook, and he wants to share this on the website for everyone’s consumption.