Announcement – Adventures: The Unexplored Realms…

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Adventures: The Unexplored Realms…


20th January, 2016

For Immediate Release

TORONTO—The Ed Greenwood Group is pleased to announce a special Forgotten Realms® project: guides and adventures that explore the unexplored. Each year Ed Greenwood, The Archmage, will write a guide to a different part of the Realms and to accompany this guide his company will publish four role playing adventures. Three adventures will come from the minds of his Sessoirum of Creatives and one slot a year will be held open for a contribution from the Realms fans.


Details on how fans can submit their works for considerations with more on the adventures and guides will be posted at soon. The guides and adventures will be published by The Ed Greenwood Group, supported by Onder Broadcasting and made available to the public via Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeon Master’s Guild program and OneBookshelf, their designated distributor.


TEGG aims to launch the first guide and its adventure at  Gamehole Con (Madison, WI | 4th to 6th November, 2016).


Greenwood on exploring the un-explored…

The Realms is a very big place, and over the years many corners and facets of it have been neglected because published Realmslore could only get to so many places and cover so much. This is a chance to discover those neglected corners with me!


Greenwood on the Realms…

I am incredibly grateful to Wizards of the Coast for opening up the sandbox that is the Realms for us all, to encourage everyone who wants to create in the Realms. This is now truly the shared world I hoped it would become fifty years ago!


The Ed Greenwood Group is a transmedia publishing company founded by the creator of the Forgotten Realms®.  Launched Hallowe’en, 2015 with a brand-new Ed Greenwood novel Hellmaw: Your World Is Doomed! the company’s ambitious publishing program will see novels, short stories, role playing adventures, audio works, games, Artifacts, costumes and even sweet treats across 15 settings; each their own sub-genre. Ed Greenwood leads his Sessoirum of Creatives on a journey to create and entertain across all formats and in all mediums. The future belongs to Creatives!


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