TEGG and Gamehole Con Reach Partnership, June 2015

June 30th, 2015

For Immediate Release


The Ed Greenwood Group

Gamehole: Convention, Publisher & Gaming Group

Creative Coterie: TEGG and Gamehole a wonderful weaving together…


TORONTO and MADISON, WI—The Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG) and Gamehole (GH) today reached a creative coterie, a partnership, that will see the GH convention director and publisher Alex Kammer and his team in creative collaboration with The Archmage, Mr. Ed Greenwood. The partnership will cover the GH convention, its new publishing endeavour, and the original gaming group that spawned it all.


The Gamehole (TGH) gaming group will become an official TEGG Gaming Group, and will assist Ed Greenwood and TEGG head of game development Steven Schend, by advance play-testing all TEGG games and providing the type of feedback that can only come from such an established and dynamic gaming group. TEGG and Gamehole Con (GHC) have also agreed to co-sponsor each other’s endeavours—Ed Greenwood will attend the convention annually and the convention will extend its hospitality to all visiting members of the TEGG Sessorium of Creatives. Concurrently TEGG will assist GH in the creation of its own line of game adventures with Ed Greenwood becoming the lead creative on at least one game module per year for the newly formed Gamehole Publishing (GHP). TEGG will carry GHP’s line of works, as an imprint, to the global marketplace via its distribution partnerships.


Gamehole is known best for its Gamehole Convention. Held annually the first weekend of November in Madison, Wisconsin, GHC is first and foremost a gamers’ convention. Over 600 roleplaying and table-top games of every description are played at each year’s event. Tournaments, panels, talks, readings and other events support the gaming sessions and give the attending fans additional ways to indulge themselves. Now the convention is branching out in new and exciting ways. “This is a great start for our new series of adventures,” said Alex Kammer, “Being creative with the man who created The Forgotten Realms® is a thrill and a ton of fun!” Ed Greenwood, who attended his first Gamehole Con in 2014 said, “Alex and his team blew me away with their incredible efficiency and attention to the tiniest of details. Everything they do is geared towards letting fans enjoy themselves more fully. They bring that same care to the treatment of their special guests; it was an unmitigated joy to play with them for the weekend. I regard this coterie as a great opportunity for The Ed Greenwood Group. I’m looking forward to being a part of their new adventures in the years to come.”


The Ed Greenwood Group, a new transmedia publishing company from the creator of the Forgotten Realms®, launches this fall with its first novel, a brand-new Ed Greenwood title. Your World Is Doomed is the first novel in an urban fantasy setting called Hellmaw; 6 story arcs, 86 novels, 14 anthologies, 5 games, and 9 Artifacts are planned between Mr. Greenwood’s first novel and the end of the sixth story arc, projected for October 2022. Next year (2016) will see the launch of a more traditional sword-and-sorcery setting code-named Pony Island Adventures, and Quickblade—the TEGG roleplaying game “house rules” system from Ed Greenwood and TEGG head of game development Steven Schend—which will serve as a master rules set for all adventures from all settings. More settings in more genres will follow over the next ten years—For Wolf & Empire (steampunk), Lost Princesses of Mars (space opera), and In So Deep (sex fantasy), to name only a few.


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