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Hi, I’ve always been part of the media as well as dealing with the media so I know that media plays a vital role in connecting creative people like me with the audience they wish to reach. So, I get media, and I’ll be more than happy to do anything you want.

For instance: television interviews, radio interviews, podcasts, satellite tours, art classes, lectures, symposia, talks, presentations, panels, dramatic readings, acting—even acting like a novelist! I could fail at baking a cake. I could tie flies for fishing. I could sharpen horses’ hooves. I could sing Gilbert & Sullivan for you. I could dance a tango solo. And I can perform mouth-to-mouth on a giant sloth—or I could just sit here and have a nice cup of tea.

Talk to me, won’t you?

-Ed Greenwood


Welcome to the Media Center. Please let us know if you need anything you cannot find here or if you would like to schedule an interview with Mr. Greenwood.

The erudite Mr. Greenwood would be happy to talk to you and your audience about The Ed Greenwood Group, his Forgotten Realms® 50th anniversary, the 40th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons™, his Platters of Surprises, world-building, writing and publishing, or virtually anything else you’d like.

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Mini Bio

Ed Greenwood: president and publisher at The Ed Greenwood Group and creator of the Forgotten Realms® and a myriad of other worlds, universes, and shared settings is the New York Times best-selling author of literally thousands of works that have sold over a quarter billion units (250,000,000) in a dazzling array of formats in over 40 languages in more than 120 countries.

Long Bio

Ed admiring some minis modeled after his characters.[Photo by Kyle Bixby-Legere]
Ed admiring some minis modeled after his characters. Photo by Kyle Bixby-Légère, ©2014.

    Ed Greenwood is an award-winning Canadian writer and game designer. Although most Canadians don’t know his name, he has been in the top ten (usually top five) writers of bestselling Canadian fiction writers almost every year of the last two decades. Ed created the Forgotten Realms® fantasy world for the Dungeons and Dragons game; it has been featured in board, roleplaying, computer and card games, comic books, and a bestselling novel line that has spanned twenty years and hundreds of titles by more than sixty writers, including R.A. Salvatore’s famous Drizzt novels. Ed is currently Canada’s only judge for the prestigious World Fantasy Awards, and has published over 170 books that have sold millions of copies worldwide in over a dozen languages. He has written three novels already this year, and by the time they are all published this fall, he will have written at least the first drafts of three more.

Ed signing books with Bob R.A. Salvatore @ GenCon 2014. [Photo by Kyle Bixby-Legere]
Ed signing books with Bob R.A. Salvatore @ GenCon. Photo by Kyle Bixby-Légère, ©2014.
Ed usually writes fantasy, but has also written science fiction, horror, romance, mysteries, song lyrics, poetry, and many, many magazine articles and columns. He even appeared (as himself) in comic books published by DC Comics and by TSR, Inc. Ed’s novels regularly climb the New York Times and other major best-seller lists; his 1987 novel Spellfire has sold over three million copies worldwide in various editions, and the Waldenbooks bookstore chain reported that his novel Crown of Fire was its top-selling game-related publication of 1994. His writing has won many awards down the years, and he was inducted into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design’s Origins Awards Hall of Fame in 2003. Ed has been a guest of honor at more than four dozen conventions all over the world, from Stockholm, Sweden to Melbourne, Australia. In real life, Ed Greenwood is a large, well-padded, bearded man who is all too often mistaken for Santa Claus. He has worked in public libraries for forty years, and lives in an old farmhouse with more than 80,000 books. When he was younger, he loved exploring caves, fencing with swords, and camping. These days, he much prefers a well-padded fireside armchair where he can curl up and read books about exploring caves, fencing with swords, and camping. Or books about crazies in armor who ride dragons, hurl spells, and seek princesses in castles. Ed has lived for more than a decade in rural Ontario, but was born and raised in Don Mills, now part of Toronto. He comes from a literary family; his mother, Barbara Greenwood, is the author of several popular Canadian children’s books, including A Pioneer Story, A Question of Loyalty, and The Kids Book of Canada. Ed’s parents together wrote Stand Up! Speak Out! (a book on public speaking for novices), and his uncle W. G. Hardy was a major figure in Canadian literature decades ago, writing such bestsellers as The Unfulfilled, City of Libertines, The Scarlet Mantle, The Bloody Toga, and Alberta: A Bicentennial History. Ed has been an editor of Dragon Magazine and a columnist for The Campaign Hack (Canada’s longest-running gaming magazine), the media magazine Realms, Polyhedron™ Newszine, Cryptych, and several other fantasy and gaming periodicals.

Ed and his wife of 40 years Jenny.[Photo by Oliver Strong]
Ed and his wife of 40 years Jenny. Photo by Oliver Strong, ©2014.
Ed is a charter lifetime member of the RPGA (Role Playing Game Association) and a lifetime active member of SFWA (the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America). Ed has been hailed as “the Canadian author of the great American novel” (bestselling fantasy author J. Robert King), “an industry legend” (Dragon Magazine), “one of the greats” (Games Magazine), and “a true genius” (bestselling SF and fantasy author Elaine Cunningham). Bestselling fantasy author Margaret Weis said of him: “Ed Greenwood is a master of fantasy adventure worldbuilding. His magic and wizardry are wondrous to all!” Bestselling SF and fantasy author and game designer Michael Stackpole said this of Ed: “Creating fantasy requires imagination and a deft but subtle hand, which Ed Greenwood has long showed himself capable of in his creation of the Forgotten Realms world. His skill lies in his ability to make the ordinary magical and in integrating magic and legends so thoroughly in his work. His sense of humor and drama combine in wondrous adventure tales with depth and pacing that make his books single-sitting treasures.”   Computer game enthusiasts will find Ed’s short story “Moonrise over Myth Drannor” in the Myth Drannor Forgotten Realms computer game from Strategic Simulations, Inc., and his short story “Living Forever” in the Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor computer game from Ubisoft. Ed was one of the writers of the classic Interplay computer game The Two Towers, based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Ed’s lore has been used in over two dozen computer games, including the best-selling Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights series. Ed cocreated the Mornmist fantasy world (published by Vision Books) with noted fantasy author Lynn Abbey, and is developing more fantasy settings, as well as assisting in the preparation of an on-again-off-again Forgotten Realms television series and movie. Ed has contributed literally hundreds of articles and short stories to dozens of magazines.Via one of his players, Ed regularly answers fan questions in the “Chamber of Sages” Candlekeep forums at Those wanting to hang out with Ed, hear his latest news, and buy new fiction by him should make sure to check out Onder Librum.


Ed dons a silly hat. Photo by Oliver Strong, 2012.
Ed dons a funky hat.
Photo by Oliver Strong, ©2012.

Ed and his wife of 40 years Jenny. Photo by Oliver Strong, 2012.
Ed and his wife of 40 years Jenny.
Photo by Oliver Strong, ©2012.


Ed is wearing his gauntlets 'again'. Photo by Jenny, 2011.
Ed is wearing his gauntlets ‘again’.
Photo by Jenny Glicksohn, ©2011.

Ed signs books with Bob (R.A.) Salvatore at GenCon 2014. Photo by Kyle Bixby-Legere.
Ed signs books with Bob (R.A.) Salvatore at GenCon 2014.
Photo by Kyle Bixby-Légère, ©2014.


Ed poses with a fan at GenCon 2014. Photo by Kyle Bixby-Legere.
Ed poses with a fan at GenCon.
Photo by Kyle Bixby-Légère, ©2014.

Ed picking apples with his family near his home in Ontario. Photo by Sheyana Coté.
Ed picking apples with his family near his home in Ontario.
Photo by Shaiyena Cote, ©2013.


Ed admires miniatures modeled after his characters. Photo by Kyle Bixby-Legere.
Ed admires miniatures modeled after his characters.
Photo by Kyle Bixby-Légère, ©2014.

Bibliography -(partial)

Shandril’s Saga

      Spellfire (1988)

Crown of Fire (1994) Hand of Fire (2002)

The Elminster Series

      Elminster: The Making of a Mage (1994)
      Elminster in Myth Drannor (1997)
      The Temptation of Elminster (1998)
      Elminster in Hell (2001)
    Elminster’s Daughter (2004)

The Shadow of the Avatar Trilogy

      Shadows of Doom (1995)
      Cloak of Shadows (1995)
    All Shadows Fled (1995)

The Cormyr Saga

      Cormyr: A Novel (1996)
    Death of the Dragon (2000)

The Harpers

      Crown of Fire (1994)
      Stormlight (1996)
      Double Diamond Triangle Saga
      The Mercenaries (1998)
    The Diamond (1998)


    “The Burning Chalice” – The Halls of Stormweather: A Novel In Seven Parts (2000)

The Knights of Myth Drannor Trilogy

      Swords of Eveningstar (2006)
      Swords of Dragonfire (August 2007)
    The Sword Never Sleeps (November 2008)

The Sage of Shadowdale series

      Elminster Must Die (August 2010)
      Bury Elminster Deep (August 2011)
    Elminster Enraged (August 2012)

The Sundering

    The Herald (2013)

Other titles

Death Masts (2016)

Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters (1999)

Anthology novellas

      “One Comes Unheralded, to Zirta” – originally written in 1965, published in Best of the Realms 2 (2005)
      “Elminster at the Mage Fair” – Realms of Valor (1993)
      “So High A Price” – Realms of Infamy (1994)
      “The Eye of the Dragon” – Realms of Magic (1995)
      “A Slow Day In Skullport” – Realms of the Underdark (1996)
      “The Whispering Crown” – Realms of the Arcane (1997)
      “The Place Where Guards Snore at their Posts” – Realms of the Deep (2000)
    “When Shadows Come Seeking A Throne” – Realms of Shadow (2002)

Non-Forgotten Realms novels

Band of Four Series

      The Kingless Land (2000)
      The Vacant Throne (2001)
      A Dragon’s Ascension (2002)
      The Dragon’s Doom (2003)
      The Silent House: A Chronicle of Aglirta (2004)

Falconfar Series

      Dark Lord (Solaris Books 2007)
      Arch Wizard (Solaris Books 2008)
      Falconfar (Solaris Books 2010)

Novel of Niflheim Series

      Dark Warrior Rising: A Novel of Niflheim (Tor Books 2007)
      Dark Vengeance (Tor Books 2008)

Other fiction anthology contributions

    “Best Served Flash-Frozen” – Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero (2012)

Standalone Titles

Iron Assassin (2015)

Anthologies Edited

      When the Hero Comes Home (edited by Ed Greenwood and Gabrielle Harbowy) – Dragon Moon Press (2011)
    When the Villain Comes Home (edited by Ed Greenwood and Gabrielle Harbowy) – Dragon Moon Press (2012)


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