Mr. Greenwood’s office is closed until January 15, 2018, as he has his own particular brand of magic to spread throughout the holidays! Please note any questions or requests you send in will not be addressed until after that date! Thank you!


Despite repeatedly telling everyone that Ed Greenwood cannot help get your Forgotten Realms® novel published, the questions still keep coming in. So, Mr. Greenwood has come up with this 100% foolproof plan TO GET YOUR FORGOTTEN REALMS® NOVEL PUBLISHED.  Absolutely guaranteed to work, but you must follow it to the letter. If you can’t follow it exactly, he does give you advice on how to get your tale told, and how to make it completely your own.

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Forgotten Realms

  If you understand that Ed Greenwood cannot help you get your WoTC owned property published, please click here to go to the Realms@TEGG page for all your Forgotten Realms questions and comments.

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Website Question/Feedback/Issue

Unfortunately, neither this Office, nor Mr. Greenwood personally,
can accept or comment upon someone else’s intellectual property.

In addition it should be noted that Mr. Greenwood
does not own the rights to Dungeon & Dragons ™ or the Forgotten Realms ™
nor does he have any say in the planning, accepting of writers, art direction or
the editorial schedule whatsoever.

Both of these settings are the intellectual property of Wizards of The Coast
and works created for these settings must be submitted to them for consideration.

Should you choose not to read any of the above, you can check out Ed Greenwood’s easy and guaranteed way to get your Forgotten Realms® novel published.

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