Forgotten Realms: The Unofficial, Non-Canon, Unlicensed, Utterly Unapproved 50-Year History

Welcome to the unofficial history of the Forgotten Realms.® Have you ever wondered why I, the guy who created the Realms in the first place, decided to share it with the wider world? Do you want to hear behind-the-scenes stories, some of those that can now be told, about why things are the way they are? Why, for instance, that from the beginning the Forgotten Realms® maps didn’t have hexes all over them, so the rivers didn’t run in little diagonal lines along the edges of hexes, but rather the maps looked like maps of real places, rather than game maps? Ever wondered about things like that?

Well, for the answers to those questions and many others, just keep visiting our site throughout the year because once a week we’ll peek behind the curtain and let you know something else about the untold history of the Realms, things you’ve never known. Things you may not even have thought to ask about, things that are deep dark secrets of the Realms.

See you every week, throughout the year!

~Ed Greenwood

Forgotten Realms: The Unofficial, Non-Canon,
Unlicensed, Utterly Unapproved 50-Year History

by Ed Greenwood, curated by Brian Cortijo

Join us at each week as Ed Greenwood continues the tale of how the Forgotten Realms went from a short story to becoming one of the world’s most beloved shared settings. All stories are totally unofficial—100% unapproved—not authorized, sanctioned, censored, or redacted in any way. Herewith we present the unvarnished Ed Greenwood and his take on the past fifty years.

All Is Lust: Letters With A Hooded Lady

All Is Lust:

Letters With A Hooded Lady

Unedited Draft: 2014/12/22

Hello, Softness.

I’ve something to propose. A joint literary adventure, with spice. An exchange of saucy missives, back and forth, with an eye to eventual publication.

For it occurs to me, Lady Hooded, that as we see so little of each other these days, and you are now more alone than I have been these past three decades, that you might, as the years roll on, share an increasingly lonely restlessness with many a reader.

To whit, randiness unassuaged.

Erotica, or just plain porn, is more accessible than it has ever been, thanks to the Internet, as is this chance to easily converse, but what of the companionship? The teasing and the tenderness of good company, the ability to relax in complete candor and flirt without harming our loved ones. As we both did in our younger days, when the Age of Aquarius was bright and young and the world was a-changing.

No names, just being human together. Talking of pleasure. What say you, lady?

· · · · · ·

Exchanging naughty e-mails that will later be published in a collection? Count me very much in, dear! Which should of course be your line, unless I’m wearing a strap-on. Which I’m not at the moment, although I’m no stranger to a small selection of the double-ended ones. For it is better to give and receive, as they say….


~More Soon~


Platters of Surprise

Platter of Surprises Vol. 1:
A Modest Gallimaufry of Brief Tales

[Kindle Edition] [Epub Edition]
Platter-CoverFinalFive little tales that will come as something of a surprise to those of you who know me only as the creator of the Forgotten Realms® and have never run across my writing in other genres.
Oh, yes. I write mysteries, romances, horror, SF, and a lot of fantasy that isn’t set in the Realms. Here’s a mixed bag of some examples of this “other stuff,” just for fun.
As it happens, that’s what writing and reading are really all about for me; if I’m scribing or perusing anything other than an instruction manual, I want to have fun.
So let’s dig into five little excursions into fancy of various sorts, that haven’t been published anywhere else before now. They were all fun for me to write, and I hope, if you curl up with them in a chair that has a table within easy reach that bears a mug of something warm, the time spent with them will be fun for you, too.

We start off with a brief whiff of terror. “The Ostrond File” takes us to a busy police station, and a day that’s not going well for Captain Austin Greylake, and is about to get a lot worse.

Then we delve into sinister doings in an intrepid narrator’s old hometown, in “A Nice Silky Merlot.” Get out into the fresh country air, and smell the whiff of old corruption, and lurking menace . . .

Then, because I can never resist turning and galloping into the faerie lands of crumbling castles and unicorns glimpsed from afar, knights in shining armor and wizards dabbling in magic that almost always gets them into trouble, it’s fantasy time. And in a nod to the Rule of Three, we have a trio of fantasies. All of them lighthearted, but not otherwise related. Why? Well, I like writing lighthearted fantasies, that’s why.

In “The Wizard Who Was Everywhere,” Torntamae Ravensblade and her Huljack, who is Swordcaptain of the Watch, try to solve a mystery, and are reminded what a pain magic can be when you’re trying to investigate . . . well, just about anything.

In “Walking The King’s Skull,” Sir Blades Farfluke, Lord Investigator and Dragonmaster Royal of the Realm, gets summoned to the Palace. At once. And that’s never a good thing.

And in “The King’s Very Long Day,” the King of all Flornfloryn has a day that’s not much better than the one Captain Greylake enjoys in the first story. Just to drive home the point that we all have troubles: what sort of a life we have (or to put it less grandly, how much fun we have along the way) is in large part determined by how we deal with the problems and troubles life throws at us.

Whoops, I seem to have begun philosophizing, and that must mean it’s time to stop yammering and let the stories speak for themselves. So without further ado . . .

I hope you enjoy the platter!


Platter of Surprises Vol. 2:
A Miscellany of Luxating Palinodes

[Kindle Edition] [Epub Edition]
front-cover-palinodes-webWell met, gentle reader. Come in and be welcome! Here in the e-pages of another of my little platters of surprises.
Here in the metaphorical warmth and flickering light of my imagined fireside, in a cozy study lined—nay, crammed—with books, all of them potential future friends for your wandering imagination.
Settle yourself in comfort, and read a while. I have tales aplenty to share.
“Tell me a story” is a yearning all the best persons know often, and I love to both consume then and spin them. So here are five little tales, mere bagatelles (or “bags-of-shells,” as some of my more hidebound English-speaking acquaintances prefer to render that French word). Light nothings of passing entertainment, though they bear their veiled messages and pointed philosophies.
Fantastical tales, all five, that from time to time stray far from the mainstream of heroic fantasy, the fields in which I usually ride (most famously, the vast setting known as the Forgotten Realms® that I began creating nigh fifty years ago).