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For wide release 10th March, 2015

Trapdoor Technologies

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Trapdoor and Greenwood are in talks…

Enhanced ebooks and new technologies are dynamically changing the traditional book publishing landscape, both for publishing companies and for authors. The change is not a minor one. While the business landscape has changed for all involved, the coming technological advances will have a profound effect on storytelling itself. Trapdoor’s breakthrough multimedia-enhanced app-building platform creates an immersive storytelling environment that provides authors more freedom to be creative and readers an especially exciting and unique experience. “What we have developed is a simple intuitive technology, the key for wide-scale adoption of new forms of storytelling, that seamlessly incorporates multimedia and interactive content with the written word,” said Chris Matney, managing director at Trapdoor Technologies. “The ability to add interactivity, sounds, video, animation, puzzles, evolving synopses, and so much more to a novel is quite the thrilling creative opportunity,” said Ed Greenwood, president and publisher of The Ed Greenwood Group. “It opens the mind, and I’m looking forward to continuing my chats with Trapdoor—seeing just how cool they can make things for our readers is inspiring.” For more information please visit: Trapdoor Technologies

The Ed Greenwood Group

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Formation of The Ed Greenwood Group, March 2015

P r e s s R e l e a s e


For wide release… March 2015
The Office of Ed Greenwood is proud to announce the formation of The Ed Greenwood Group—an author- and artist-centric content-creation sessorium, a creative salon that is unconstrained by previous publishing business models. The new Group hosts dozens of published, award–winning, and best-selling authors as well as artisans, illustrators, and creators of objets d’art, music, and culinary delights (the “Creatives”). Over the next ten years, Mr. Greenwood, holding the titles of both president and publisher, will create a series of new shared worlds for Creatives and fans to explore. Loqui Magna, a sophisticated reader-focused content and community outreach program, will keep fans entertained in between novel releases through its Platter of Surprises series. For the Creatives, this initiative offers a true and serious royalty for their work; live, transparent accounting systems; an international, multilingual sales, marketing, and rights focus; and the chance to create with The Archmage himself. In all, the creative minds Mr. Greenwood has gathered have sold over a billion copies of creative works in over 150 countries and in a dizzying myriad of formats—novels, short stories, game modules, board/video/computer/online games, movies, television shows, comics, graphic novels, magazine and web articles, podcasts, toys, artisanal gifts, and mass market merchandise. These talented individuals have won a wide variety of awards for their diverse works.

Mr. Greenwood’s own personal creations number literally in the thousands and have sold

over a quarter billion copies in more than 40 languages in over 120 countries!

The Ed Greenwood Group will launch its first projects in August at GenCon 2015 in Indianapolis—Forgotten Realms: The Unofficial, Non-Canon, Unlicensed, Utterly Unapproved 50-Year History by Ed Greenwood, curated by Brian Cortijo, and All is Lust: Letters With a Hooded Lady by Ed Greenwood and The Hooded One. Your World is Doomed by Ed Greenwood, the first novel set in an urban fantasy world called Hellmaw, will be published this October on Hallowe’en. Between My Usual Murders by Ed Greenwood, to be published in August 2016, will launch a new, rich, and epic project code-named Pony Island Adventures. This first book will be followed by novels, adventures, games, and more from Greenwood Group Creatives until Mr. Greenwood closes the first story arc in August 2021. The Creative collaborators participating in PIA include authors paired with musicians, jewelers, chefs, and artisans working with natural materials and in digital mediums, creating together and influencing each other—imagining brand new works of literature, art, and collectible artifacts. They hail from across the globe—North America, China, Russia, Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. More shared world projects and new sessorium members will be announced during 2015 as Mr. Greenwood celebrates the 50th anniversary of writing his first Forgotten Realms® short story, One Comes, Unheralded, to Zirta, by building The Ed Greenwood Group into one of the world’s largest playgrounds for Creatives from all mediums to explore. The initial five-year publication schedule will be announced later this spring. An erudite polymath, Mr. Greenwood would be happy to talk to you and your audience about The Ed Greenwood Group and his new settings; the 2015 Forgotten Realms® 50th anniversary; the 40th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons®; his Platters of Surprises; his insights on worldbuilding, writing, and publishing; or virtually anything else you’d like. Below is a list of the inaugural members of The Ed Greenwood Group and a brief bio for each. Please feel free to contact us to schedule an interview with any of our members or for additional information on the sessorium and its projects.   Sincerely, Ed’s Minions

 In the world of myth and magic, nothing is ever truly closed…

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The Ed Greenwood Group

Sessorium Members

Ed Greenwood, Archmage Ed Greenwood is the New York Times best-selling author and creator of the Forgotten Realms® and the author of literally thousands of stories. Published in paperback this winter is his latest novel The Heraldthe epic final chapter of The Sundering Saga, a six-book hardcover series celebrating the 40th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons®.
Peter J. Atwood Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Peter J. Atwood grew up in Ottawa and Winnipeg, where he co-founded a literary press and began a career as an editor and publisher. He now writes from Ottawa, to which he returned after living in Toronto, Seoul, Cairo, Beijing, and Kathmandu. He has at various times worked as a literary agent, a senior book editor, a Web editor, and a bureaucrat. His stories have appeared in Apex Magazine and Weird Tales and have aired on Crime City Central and the Drabblecast podcasts.
Carrie Bebris
Carrie Bebris is the author of nine novels, including the critically acclaimed Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mysteries series. A former editor for the Dungeons & Dragons® roleplaying game, she published two fantasy novels before crossing into historical mystery with Pride and Prescience. The newest novel in the series, The Suspicion at Sanditon (Or, The Disappearance of Lady Denham), releases in July 2015 from Tor Books. Set in an old English mansion on a dark and stormy night, it blends gothic parody with romantic suspense and classic detective fiction in the style that won her the Daphne du Maurier Award.
Eric Belisle Eric is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Tokyo. He has worked in the video game industry as a modeler, texture artist, and concept artist for twelve years in both Canada and the US. Among his clients are Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing, Bigshot Toyworks, and Anki. His drugs of choice are coffee, red wine, and music from the ’80s.
Adriano Bertuzzo Adriano Bertuzzo is a jack-of-all-trades in the theater, music, design, and gaming fields. His hobbies include eating sour cream, taking over the Internet, and being a stunt double for Shia LaBeouf. He is a regular contributor on the DnD Under the Influence podcast. Marco Bertuzzo Marco Bertuzzo is a story writer, dungeon master, and visual artist from Toronto, Ontario. As a show host of the podcast DnD Under the Influence, Marco has created worlds and narratives in hilarious and improvised ways. Besides filling the world with happiness, Marco seeks to give a sense of intrigue, wonder, and adventure to all of his creations.
Eric Boyd A New Jersey–born, Michigan-based, and Princeton-educated software engineer who holds a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan and has worked for Hewlett-Packard and Compaq, Eric has written extensively for the Forgotten Realms® campaign settings, co-writing classic reference tomes that detail its gods and explore the serpent races of Faerûn, and updated the city of Waterdeep in a definitive sourcebook. He is one of the trusted sages of the Realms who “explain away” inconsistencies in Realmslore by deducing and extrapolating from what is known and inventively and lovingly “filling in the gaps.”
Stan Brown Stan! has been writing and drawing professionally since 1982. During that time, he worked on projects set in the worlds of Dragonlance®, Forgotten Realms®, Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars, Pokémon, Dungeons & Dragons®, Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, and many others. His fiction, cartooning, and game designs have all been nominated for major awards—and have even won a few. Stan! lives and works in Kent, Washington, where he hopes one day to be the owner of a Sony Aibo robot dog.
Richard Lee Byers Richard Lee Byers is the author of 40 fantasy and horror novels, including The Reaver, Blind God’s Bluff, and the best-selling Dissolution. He is also the creator of the post-apocalyptic superhero series The Impostor. His short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, and he has collected some of the best of it in the ebooks The Q Word, The Plague Knight, and Zombies in Paradise. A resident of the Tampa Bay area, which is the setting for a substantial portion of his horror fiction, he spends much of his leisure time fencing and playing online poker. He invites everyone to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Ello, and to read his blog.
Carol Camper Carol Camper is a visual artist, designer, writer, and poet. She works in multiple mediums and disciplines, including oil-on-canvas painting, photography, and clay sculpture. Her design experience includes fashion, theater, costume and, most recently, semi-precious stone and silver jewelry. Carol studied fine art and design at the University of Toronto and at City College of New York. She is currently working on an autobiography, having led a most unusual life.
Suzanne Church Suzanne Church lives in Ontario, the cold one in Canada. She is an outlier and a media junkie who when cornered becomes fiercely Canadian. She writes in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres because she enjoys them all and hates to play favorites. Her award-winning fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, Cicada, and On Spec as well as in several anthologies, including When the Hero Comes Home 2 and the forthcoming Our World of Horror. Her book Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction is available in print and pixels at bookstores, Amazon, and from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing.
Brian Cortijo Brian Cortijo is a New York–based professional who loves designing roleplaying games and writing fantasy fiction. He has made many contributions to the Forgotten Realms® campaign setting, where he is the reigning expert on the fabled kingdom of Cormyr. Brian has also written extensively for the Pathfinder game from Paizo Publishing (including the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary and Qadira, Gateway to the East) and has designed for Goodman Games, Vorpal Games, Green Ronin, and other game publishers. His fantasy fiction has been published in When the Hero Comes Home from Dragon Moon Press.
Julie Czerneda Julie E. Czerneda is an award-winning author/editor with fifteen novels published by DAW Books, New York, as well as numerous short stories and anthologies. Her background in biology led her first to science fiction, including the acclaimed Species Imperative and In the Company of Others. Her first fantasy novel, A Turn of Light, won the 2014 Prix Aurora Award for Best Novel and was followed by A Play of Shadow, the next in the Night’s Edge series. This Gulf of Time and Stars will be out November 2015 and is book one of Reunification, the concluding trilogy of Julie’s SF series, The Clan Chronicles.
Scott Czerneda Dungeon master, teacher, linguist, and gamer Scott Czerneda’s interests lie in deeply textured worldbuilding and stories built upon characters who despite their flaws, or because of them, rise to great heights. His fiction is inspired by the intersections of worlds old and new, natural and technological, foreign and familiar, influenced in part by his time living in rural Japan and that country’s storytelling culture.
Erminia Diamontopolus Erminia Diamantopoulos’ costume work has been seen on television shows and feature films such as Flashpoint, Relic Hunter, Monk, Land of the Dead, Salem Witch Trials, Degrassi: The Next Generation and, most recently, Bitten. A graduate of Ryerson University in business management, Erminia also holds a diploma in fashion design from the International Academy of Design in Toronto, where she lives with her husband and no cats. In her spare time, Erminia runs a consultancy that specializes in personal wardrobe consulting, set decoration for events, and event management. Her other company, Organized Home, just completed its 24th project.
Erik Scott de Bie Erik Scott de Bie is a 30-something speculative fiction author and game designer. He has published eight novels to date, including novels in the storied Forgotten Realms®, the famous Traveller universe (his forthcoming novel Priority: Hyperion), and his World of Ruin epic fantasy setting (his recently released novel, Shadow of the Winter King, is the first in that series), as well as a stand-alone novel for Broken Eye Books (Scourge of the Realm). His short work has appeared in numerous anthologies and online, and he is the author of the multimedia superhero project, Justice/Vengeance (of which Eye for an Eye is a part). In his work as a game designer, he has contributed to products from such companies as Wizards of the Coast and Privateer Press, and he is a lead creative consultant on Red Aegis from Vorpal Games.
Smruthi Gargi Eswar Smruthi Gargi Eswar is a design consultant and graphic artist based in Bangalore. She develops graphic solutions within a portfolio covering brand identity, instructional design, publication work, graphics for space design, and marketing strategy for numerous products and services. She has a client base stretching from development to corporate, commercial to non-profit, in numerous cities around the world, including Accra, Toronto, Manila, and New Delhi. She has also created a design and collaborative space known as Studio SMU.
Nick Etherton Nick Etherton is a comic book artist and illustrator from Toronto. He has been a lifelong fan of pop culture, roleplaying games, and fiction, and stories from these spheres fuel his creations. Nick loves telling stories through art and firmly believes that the details in an illustration are what matter most. Nick is the illustrator of the dndui.com webcomic and has worked on story boards and independent comic books. He brings enthusiasm and energy to his stories and to every project he works on.
Matt Forbeck Matt Forbeck is an award-winning and New York Times–best-selling author and game designer. He has 27 novels and countless games published to date. His latest work includes the novel Halo: New Blood, the Magic: The Gathering® comics, the 2014 edition of The Marvel Encyclopedia, the Monster Academy YA fantasy novels, and the upcoming Shotguns & Sorcery roleplaying game based on his novels. He lives in Beloit, Wisconsin, with his wife and five children, among them a set of quadruplets.
Adam T. Gottfried Adam Thomas Gottfried started his writing career at the tender age of eight with a fan-fiction crossover of Tim Drakes Robin and the crew the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D that was, by his own admission, awful. At that young age and even before, he was an avid reader of the various tales of King Arthur, Robin Hood, Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology, and the Chronicles of Narnia. To his eight-year-old mind, all of these fell flat—he could think of endings to these that were significantly more interesting, generally featuring himself as the main protagonist. As he grew and matured, his interests branched out into the genres of science fiction and fantasy as well as historical fiction and literature, though he is to this date a staunch naysayer of “classic” literature. He currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, and has two children whom he dotes on.
Jeff Grubb Jeff Grubb builds worlds and works in shared universes. He has co-created or contributed in a major fashion to a number of well-known, best-selling, and/or beloved campaign settings—including Forgotten Realms®, Dragonlance®, Al Qadim, Spelljammer, and most recently the MMO Guild Wars. He has written 16 novels, over 30 short stories, and nearly 100 game projects, all set in diverse universes such as Starcraft, Warcraft, Magic: The Gathering®, Marvel comics, and Star Wars. He is an award-winning game designer and national best-selling author. He lives in Seattle with his wife, mother-in-law, and two completely blasé cats. The only thing he hates writing is personal bios.
D. Gregor Hagey Gregor’s passion for cinematography started while he was working as a PA on Searching for Bobby Fischer. He was so inspired by Conrad Hall’s work that he decided to pursue cinematography as a career. He jumped into the lighting department at his next opportunity in order to learn from some of the best DOPs in Toronto. By 2000, Gregor was working full time as a DOP and has since become a seasoned and versatile shooter in both long format and short format. Recent TV credits include Beauty and the Beast for CW, The Yard for HBO Canada, and the Showcase series Pure Pwnage. Recent features include The Dark Stranger (Chris Trebilcock), Emergence (Rob Stefaniuk), Margarita (Laurie Colbert) and Suck (Rob Stefaniuk). Gregor was honored for his work by the CSC awards for the short film Artist: Unknown. He’s had five other CSC award nominations.
Marie-Lynn Hammond Marie-Lynn Hammond has been called one of Canada’s best songwriters by no less than Estelle Klein, a co-founder of the Mariposa Folk Festival, and Gary Cristal, founder of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. Co-founder of Stringband, the seminal Canadian folk group and indie-record pioneer, Hammond is known for her unique voice and brilliant songs. Hammond is also a playwright—her bilingual play De Beaux Gestes & Beautiful Deeds toured Canada—and is a former CBC radio host. In 2013 Hammond released two new CDs: Creatures features songs about humans, animals, the environment, and their interrelationships; HoofBeats’ songs are about horses and the people who love them.
Gabrielle Harbowy Gabrielle Harbowy has edited for publishers such as Pyr, Lambda Literary, and Circlet Press. She is the managing editor at Dragon Moon Press and a submissions editor at the Hugo-nominated Apex Magazine. With Ed Greenwood, she co-edited the award-nominated When the Hero Comes Home anthology series. Her short fiction can be found in anthologies, including Carbide Tipped Pens from Tor, and her first novel is forthcoming from Paizo.
The Hooded One The Hooded One is an alluring Canadian woman who remains a mystery to the wider world because she does what might delicately be called national security work. In her words, “I’m far from a female James Bond, but I’ve been shot once, and shot at more times than I can remember.” The lovely Lady Hooded has played in Ed Greenwood’s home Forgotten Realms® roleplaying campaign for decades, and under another name has been an editor for various publishing houses for more than three decades.
Chris A. Jackson A sailing writer, Chris A. Jackson is living his dream. Sailing and writing full time since 2009, he and his wife are dividing their time between cruising the Caribbean and writing fantasy. As a sailor, writer, and gamer, nautical fantasy came naturally. His Scimitar Seas novels won multiple gold medals for best fantasy novel of the year from Foreword Reviews magazine, and his first Pathfinder Tales novels, Pirate’s Honor and Pirate’s Promise, have received high praise. The Weapon of Flesh Trilogy has become a Kindle best seller, spurring international interest in the upcoming Weapon of Fear Trilogy. His shorter works include Blood and Iron, a nautical Iron Kingdoms novella from Privateer Press, and stories in various anthologies in the Iron Kingdoms world. More Pathfinder Tales, the second novel of the Weapon of Fear Trilogy, Weapon of Pain, and other works are coming in 2016.
Jaleigh Johnson Jaleigh Johnson is a fantasy author born and raised in the US Midwest. Her novels for the Dungeons and Dragons® Forgotten Realms® fiction line include The Howling Delve, Mistshore, Unbroken Chain, Unbroken Chain: The Darker Road, and Spider and Stone. Her first book for middle-grade readers is The Mark of the Dragonfly from Delacorte Press. In her spare time, she enjoys gaming, gardening, and going to movies with her husband.
Rosemary Jones Rosemary Jones writes. She writes articles about the arts, short stories about dragons and other magical creatures, entire books about collecting books and, when asked nicely, novels set in fantastic worlds dreamed up by Ed Greenwood. When she’s not writing, she’s applauding madly after witnessing an amazing moment of live theater, hunting elusive titles in used bookstores, or hanging out with other writers (either rolling dice or drinking coffee). Jones is an active member of SFWA.
Andrew N. Kelk Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, Andrew Kelk is a jack-of-all-trades whose varied jobs have included being a bouncer at a strip club. An avid fan of comics, computer and roleplaying games, and all things fantastic, Andrew is trying to love daemons.
Paul Kemp Paul S. Kemp likes good whiskey, good company, and good stories, ideally all at the same time. He’s written the dark tales of Erevis Cale in the Forgotten Realms®, ripping sword-and-sorcery yarns featuring Egil and Nix in Ellerth, a setting of his own creation, and action-packed sci-fi in the Star Wars galaxy (far, far away). From his secret base in Michigan, attired in cape and cowl, he smites evildoers and wrangles words. Possibly more the latter than the former. He hopes you dig his stories.
J. Robert King J. Robert King has 24 published novels, including Edge of Destiny from Pocket, Death’s Disciples and Angel of Death from Angry Robot, The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls from Forge, the Mad Merlin trilogy from Tor, and a slew of Magic: The Gathering® novels. When he is not writing, you can find Rob on stage as various nefarious fellows, including Scrooge, the Engineer, and Pseudolus.
George Krashos This affable and incredibly busy Adelaide, South Australia–based family man and lawyer has long been Eric Boyd’s friend and conspirator in fixing Realmslore and crafting new lore to fill the gaps. He is the reigning Realms expert on the kingdom of Impiltur, has written several well-regarded articles about places, organizations, and magic items for Dragon® Magazine, and often helps other gamers in their quests for obscure details of the Forgotten Realms® setting.
Kate Novak Kate was born in Camden, New Jersey, and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The high school nemesis, college sweetheart, and wife of Jeff Grubb, Kate Novak is a busy Seattle-area tax professional and gaming geek. She started her writing career with a Heartquest™ novel and two Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebooks™ followed by six fantasy novels co-authored with her husband, including the popular Finder’s Stone trilogy, the first book of which, Azure Bonds, inspired the early classic roleplaying computer game Curse of the Azure Bonds. She has also written half a dozen fantasy short stories (sometimes as Kate Novak-Grubb), including tales set in the Dragonlance®, Ravenloft® and Forgotten Realms®.
Mel Odom Mel Odom is the best-selling author of many film- and computer-game tie-ins, including Forgotten Realms, Mack Bolan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel. He won a prestigious Alex Award for his YA fantasy novel The Rover. He currently lives in Oklahoma.
Bill Pusztai Bill is a photographer (studio portraiture, adult, landscape, botanicals) who lives in lovely Vancouver, British Columbia. Graphic design (Ontario College of Art & Design, 2002) and sign painting (George Brown College, 1993) makes up his formal art education. He’s been a calligrapher, sign painter, palliative care worker, literacy worker, cook (both cuisine classique and ’70s crunchy granola veg), bureaucrat, row hoer, and gardener, and has bits of paper saying he can competently design print materials along with others suggesting he can safely compare religions. He has never been a lead in a Gilbert and Sullivan extravaganza. He is neither “As Seen On TV” nor “Doctor Approved.” He plans in the near future to be that funny old man with too many budgies.
Dileep S. Rangan Having started his career in the field of law, Dileep has a deep understanding of piracy. He has spent the better part of the last 15 years in Asia, working in India, Thailand, and Singapore, and this is his first foray into traditional fiction. His job allows him to travel and to work in many different cultures, and his experiences—from wandering through the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul to negotiating his mugging in Colombia—provide strong fuel for his imagination.
Sharon Sassaki Sharon Sassaki’s first novel, Welcome to the Madhouse, made the Best Science Fiction/Fantasy novel shortlist of 2013 at WatPad. A fine artist as well as a novelist, Sassaki’s dragon collages have won best in show at Ad Astra, and she claimed the prestigious Artist’s Choice for 2013.
Steven Schend Steven Schend fell into the fantasy worlds of L. Frank Baum’s OZ, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom, Ray Harryhausen’s movies, and Jack Kirby’s comics, and they paved the way for his career. Since 1990, Steven has been an editor, developer, designer, writer, or assistant manager for TSR, Inc., Wizards of the Coast, Bastion Press, Green Ronin, the Sebranek Group, Gaming Paper, and other publishers. He’s also taught writing and worldbuilding at community and art colleges. Steven has written scores of magazine articles and roleplaying game products, and he hopes to match that track record as a fiction author. Steven lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he crafts worlds of his own when he’s not busy with his most important works in progress—his family and children.
Kristie St-Martin Kristie St-Martin is a self-taught jewelry designer and eccentric extraordinaire. A lifelong geek and unbiased mother of the five best kids in the world, how she manages to get anything done is one of the great mysteries of our age. Her love of giving new life to discarded items and tinkering with electronic and mechanical repair, combined with her naturally outgoing and friendly demeanor, led her into repurposing and upcycling to create beautiful pieces of affordable, wearable art.
Rob St-Martin Rob St-Martin is an author, editor, publisher, husband, and father, not necessarily in that order. Writing everything from modern urban fantasy (in his Truthseekers series), epic steampunk (in the saga of Sunset Val), superheroic adventure (Squirrelman) and classic fantasy (Princess Smith and the Clockwork Knight), he is an unabashed fantasy geek with occasional forays into science fiction to keep things interesting.
Oliver K. L. Strong Oliver Strong’s freelance photography has appeared in galleries and magazines, on walls and websites, from Afghanistan to South Korea, Nepal to Thailand. After obtaining a BFA in photography from Ryerson University, he went exploring and found himself traveling the world with his camera, finding interesting food and interesting landscapes everywhere. Oliver currently makes his home in Toronto with his partner and their son Oscar, where he is working towards a BSC in Chemistry and trying to keep up with Oscar.
Stephen D. Sullivan In addition to being an editor and publisher, Stephen D. Sullivan is the award-winning author of dozens of novels and stories, including trilogies for Legend of the Five Rings, Spider Riders, and Dragonlance®. Other cool stuff he’s worked on includes Dungeons & Dragons®, CHILL, and Star Wars (games), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Speed Racer, and The Simpsons (comics), and Thunderbirds, Fantastic 4, and Iron Man (movie novels). Steve’s latest projects include Daikaiju Attack (the giant monster novel), Tournament of Death 3, and a novelization of the horror classic White Zombie. He is currently working on a (secret) classic monster project and Frost Harrow, a modern horror series.
Marc Tassin Marc Tassin’s short fiction has appeared in fantasy and science fiction anthologies from DAW books. He is also a writer and editor for both tabletop and video games, including work for the Dragon® Magazine and the Shadowrun roleplaying game. His latest project is Aetaltis, a classic fantasy setting created to inspire games, fiction, and comics. When not writing, Marc runs the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium, the largest writer’s symposium in the world for authors of science fiction, fantasy, and media tie-in fiction.
Surat Toimastov Surat Toimastov was born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and graduated as a biologist with a degree from the Tajik State University. Before the civil war; Surat worked at the Tajik Academy of Science (Institute of Zoology and Department of Conservation). Later he became deputy chief in the National Department of Special Protected Areas and Hunting. Since 1989, Surat has been running his own tourism concern in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, where he specializes in giving guided tours of Tajikistan and the remote Pamir mountain range, which he has also been photographing for over 35 years. Known as the “Roof of the World,” the range contains some of the highest and most pristine peaks along with unique animals such as the Marco Polo sheep. Surat has photographed it all, and his works have appeared in books, magazines, reports, and tourism materials as well as being turned into postcards, calendars, and poster-sized prints.
James M. Ward James M. Ward on James M. Ward: He married his high school sweetheart and she’s put up with him for 44 years. He has three unusually charming sons, Breck, James, and Theon. They in turn have given him six startlingly charming grandchildren, Keely, Miriam, Sophia, Preston, Teagan, and Noah (11 months old at the time of this writing). In that same stretch of time, he managed to write the first science fiction roleplaying game, Metomorphosis Alpha, and the first apocalypse roleplaying game in Gamma World; he worked for TSR for over 20 years and did lots of D&D® and AD&D® things; and he designed the best-selling Spellfire and Dragon Ball Z CCGs.
Gregory A. Wilson Gregory A. Wilson is currently a published author of both speculative fiction and academic writing and Professor of English at St. John’s University in New York, where he teaches creative writing and fantasy fiction among other literature courses. His first novel, an epic fantasy entitled The Third Sign, was published by Gale Cengage a few years ago; his second novel, Icarus, will be published as a graphic novel by Silence in the Library Publishing in 2015, and he has short stories in various anthologies, along with a number of journal articles, book chapters, and a book on the academic side. Finally, along with fellow SFF author Brad Beaulieu, he is co-host of the critically acclaimed podcast Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers and Fans. He lives with his family in Riverdale, New York.

Forgotten Realms: The Unofficial, Non-Canon, Unlicensed, Utterly Unapproved 50-Year History

Welcome to the unofficial history of the Forgotten Realms.® Have you ever wondered why I, the guy who created the Realms in the first place, decided to share it with the wider world? Do you want to hear behind-the-scenes stories, some of those that can now be told, about why things are the way they are? Why, for instance, that from the beginning the Forgotten Realms® maps didn’t have hexes all over them, so the rivers didn’t run in little diagonal lines along the edges of hexes, but rather the maps looked like maps of real places, rather than game maps? Ever wondered about things like that?

Well, for the answers to those questions and many others, just keep visiting our site throughout the year because once a week we’ll peek behind the curtain and let you know something else about the untold history of the Realms, things you’ve never known. Things you may not even have thought to ask about, things that are deep dark secrets of the Realms.

See you every week, throughout the year!

~Ed Greenwood

Forgotten Realms: The Unofficial, Non-Canon,
Unlicensed, Utterly Unapproved 50-Year History

by Ed Greenwood, curated by Brian Cortijo

Join us at RealmsSecretariat.com each week as Ed Greenwood continues the tale of how the Forgotten Realms went from a short story to becoming one of the world’s most beloved shared settings. All stories are totally unofficial—100% unapproved—not authorized, sanctioned, censored, or redacted in any way. Herewith we present the unvarnished Ed Greenwood and his take on the past fifty years.

All Is Lust: Letters With A Hooded Lady

All Is Lust:

Letters With A Hooded Lady

Unedited Draft: 2014/12/22

Hello, Softness.

I’ve something to propose. A joint literary adventure, with spice. An exchange of saucy missives, back and forth, with an eye to eventual publication.

For it occurs to me, Lady Hooded, that as we see so little of each other these days, and you are now more alone than I have been these past three decades, that you might, as the years roll on, share an increasingly lonely restlessness with many a reader.

To whit, randiness unassuaged.

Erotica, or just plain porn, is more accessible than it has ever been, thanks to the Internet, as is this chance to easily converse, but what of the companionship? The teasing and the tenderness of good company, the ability to relax in complete candor and flirt without harming our loved ones. As we both did in our younger days, when the Age of Aquarius was bright and young and the world was a-changing.

No names, just being human together. Talking of pleasure. What say you, lady?

· · · · · ·

Exchanging naughty e-mails that will later be published in a collection? Count me very much in, dear! Which should of course be your line, unless I’m wearing a strap-on. Which I’m not at the moment, although I’m no stranger to a small selection of the double-ended ones. For it is better to give and receive, as they say….


~More Soon~


Platters of Surprise

Platter of Surprises Vol. 1:
A Modest Gallimaufry of Brief Tales

[Kindle Edition] [Epub Edition]
Platter-CoverFinalFive little tales that will come as something of a surprise to those of you who know me only as the creator of the Forgotten Realms® and have never run across my writing in other genres.
Oh, yes. I write mysteries, romances, horror, SF, and a lot of fantasy that isn’t set in the Realms. Here’s a mixed bag of some examples of this “other stuff,” just for fun.
As it happens, that’s what writing and reading are really all about for me; if I’m scribing or perusing anything other than an instruction manual, I want to have fun.
So let’s dig into five little excursions into fancy of various sorts, that haven’t been published anywhere else before now. They were all fun for me to write, and I hope, if you curl up with them in a chair that has a table within easy reach that bears a mug of something warm, the time spent with them will be fun for you, too.

We start off with a brief whiff of terror. “The Ostrond File” takes us to a busy police station, and a day that’s not going well for Captain Austin Greylake, and is about to get a lot worse.

Then we delve into sinister doings in an intrepid narrator’s old hometown, in “A Nice Silky Merlot.” Get out into the fresh country air, and smell the whiff of old corruption, and lurking menace . . .

Then, because I can never resist turning and galloping into the faerie lands of crumbling castles and unicorns glimpsed from afar, knights in shining armor and wizards dabbling in magic that almost always gets them into trouble, it’s fantasy time. And in a nod to the Rule of Three, we have a trio of fantasies. All of them lighthearted, but not otherwise related. Why? Well, I like writing lighthearted fantasies, that’s why.

In “The Wizard Who Was Everywhere,” Torntamae Ravensblade and her Huljack, who is Swordcaptain of the Watch, try to solve a mystery, and are reminded what a pain magic can be when you’re trying to investigate . . . well, just about anything.

In “Walking The King’s Skull,” Sir Blades Farfluke, Lord Investigator and Dragonmaster Royal of the Realm, gets summoned to the Palace. At once. And that’s never a good thing.

And in “The King’s Very Long Day,” the King of all Flornfloryn has a day that’s not much better than the one Captain Greylake enjoys in the first story. Just to drive home the point that we all have troubles: what sort of a life we have (or to put it less grandly, how much fun we have along the way) is in large part determined by how we deal with the problems and troubles life throws at us.

Whoops, I seem to have begun philosophizing, and that must mean it’s time to stop yammering and let the stories speak for themselves. So without further ado . . .

I hope you enjoy the platter!


Platter of Surprises Vol. 2:
A Miscellany of Luxating Palinodes

[Kindle Edition] [Epub Edition]
front-cover-palinodes-webWell met, gentle reader. Come in and be welcome! Here in the e-pages of another of my little platters of surprises.
Here in the metaphorical warmth and flickering light of my imagined fireside, in a cozy study lined—nay, crammed—with books, all of them potential future friends for your wandering imagination.
Settle yourself in comfort, and read a while. I have tales aplenty to share.
“Tell me a story” is a yearning all the best persons know often, and I love to both consume then and spin them. So here are five little tales, mere bagatelles (or “bags-of-shells,” as some of my more hidebound English-speaking acquaintances prefer to render that French word). Light nothings of passing entertainment, though they bear their veiled messages and pointed philosophies.
Fantastical tales, all five, that from time to time stray far from the mainstream of heroic fantasy, the fields in which I usually ride (most famously, the vast setting known as the Forgotten Realms® that I began creating nigh fifty years ago).