All Is Lust: Letters With A Hooded Lady

All Is Lust:

Letters With A Hooded Lady

Unedited Draft: 2014/12/22

Hello, Softness.

I’ve something to propose. A joint literary adventure, with spice. An exchange of saucy missives, back and forth, with an eye to eventual publication.

For it occurs to me, Lady Hooded, that as we see so little of each other these days, and you are now more alone than I have been these past three decades, that you might, as the years roll on, share an increasingly lonely restlessness with many a reader.

To whit, randiness unassuaged.

Erotica, or just plain porn, is more accessible than it has ever been, thanks to the Internet, as is this chance to easily converse, but what of the companionship? The teasing and the tenderness of good company, the ability to relax in complete candor and flirt without harming our loved ones. As we both did in our younger days, when the Age of Aquarius was bright and young and the world was a-changing.

No names, just being human together. Talking of pleasure. What say you, lady?

· · · · · ·

Exchanging naughty e-mails that will later be published in a collection? Count me very much in, dear! Which should of course be your line, unless I’m wearing a strap-on. Which I’m not at the moment, although I’m no stranger to a small selection of the double-ended ones. For it is better to give and receive, as they say….


~More Soon~